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Hydraulic Vertical Cutting Shear

With CNC that allows us to control all movements

The hydraulic vertical shear is a more modern type of shear.

It is designed to cut sheets with precise, fast cuts and with less deformation in small strips.
This is achieved thanks to the vertical cutting system that allows us to adjust the angle of the upper blade to the thickness and material to be cut.

These machines come standard with a CNC that allows us to control all the movements of the machine, cutting angle, blade separation, cutting length, etc.


    • They come standard with an ESTUN, ELGO, CYBELEC, etc. CNC.
    • Over-table with conveying spheres
    • Front support arms.
    • Side and rear protections
    • Cutting line lighting
    • Pedal with emergency stop.
    • From 2,000 mm to 8,000 mm in length and from 4 mm to 20 mm cutting thickness on standard machines. Custom lengths and thicknesses can be manufactured upon request.


  • Pneumatic rear arms for thin sheet metal.
  • Front protection by photoelectric barriers.
  • Longer front support arms.
  • Front plate feeders.