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Electric press brake

Offers low power consumption, accuracy, flexibility and reliability

The electric press brake is the next generation machine.

These machines have no hydraulic components, are flexible, reliable and highly advanced.

They combine environmental friendliness with productivity, precision, flexibility and reliability.

This type of machine offers low energy consumption and less maintenance as it does not include hydraulic components and is very suitable for low tonnage work at high speeds.


  • They come standard with a graphic CNC with 2D display and touch screen.
  • They can be installed from 4 to 12 axes, support synchronization for work with robotics and peripherals via interface, allow Ethernet connection with the technical office and the possibility of installing 3-dimensional graphic CNC.
  • Promecan clamping system on the punch and die.
  • Intermediates with quick-tightening lever.
  • Front support arms can be moved on linear guides.
  • Lateral protections.
  • DSP laser safety system.
  • Pedal with emergency stop.
  • From 40 Tn to 180 Tn of force and from 1,000 mm to 3,000 mm in length in standard machines. Custom tonnages and lengths can be manufactured upon request.


  • Manual or CNC compensation table.
  • 3D numerical control
  • Rear stop with Z1/Z2 / X/X’ or X1/X2 axis control
  • Folding accompaniments.
  • Manual or pneumatic quick clamping systems for punches and dies of the Promecan, Wila, etc. type…
  • Special necklines
  • Hydraulic oil cooling systems.
  • Special tools.