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Laser cutting of sheet metal and tubes

Laser cutting for sheet metal and tubes

Fiber Laser cutting can be used to cut sheet metal, to cut pipe or combined to cut sheet and pipe on the same machine. Fiber laser cutting stands out for its high speed, high cutting quality and efficiency. Increases productivity due to its ease of use and low operating costs.


Dimensions from 3,000 mm to 12,000 mm. Custom lengths can be manufactured upon request.
Powers from up to 40 Kw.
– Round tube diameter: from Ø20 mm to Ø220 mm
– Laser Generator IPG, Raycus, Max Photonics, etc.
– Precitec, Raytools, etc. cutting head.
– Hardened linear guides
– Ball screw drive
Servo motors on shafts
– S&A/HANLI/TONGFEI cooling system