Shotblasting machines for cleaning and treatment of surfaces

We have at our disposal a wide range of machines for cleaning and treatment of surfaces, continuous tunnels, drums, rotary tables, articulated boards, suspended loads and a great variety of machinery for different applications depending on special designs to our clients' request.

MEBUSA, with its different soda blasting, has a huge and fact-checked experience within the sector and offers a punctual solution for any need. With a brilliant career based on the best qualified technical means and human resources, as well as on the application of the latest technology, MEBUSA is always in the vanguard of soda blasting.

Manufacturing programme

Soda blasting equipment:

- Over-pressure sendblaster
- Handblasting cabinets
- Jet propulsion cabinets
- Hydraulic cabinets
- Barrels and drums
- Rotary tables 
- Articulated boards 
- Suspended loads
- Special installations for wires, springs, etc.
- Aspiration filters
- Aspiration cyclones

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