Cizallas Hidráulicas de corte vertical

Hydraulic shear machines
- From 2 to 6 m and from 4 to 20 mm of thickness length
Included in the mass production machines:
- Motorized gauge
- Automatic angle change
- Blade separation change
- Felling cut lighting
- Numeric control of different variants
- CNC Sheet front supply
- Draining system and sheet packing

cizallas Mebusa
Continuous cutting quality through regulation systems

 Variable angle

Every machine is equipped with an angle change system which manages to obtain the appropriate angle for every thickness lenght.
 Blade separation

According to the material of the sheet to be cut, the minimum distance between blades is changed in order to optimize the cutting quality.
cizallas Mebusa

Perfect guiding

The whole guiding system, by means of bearing couples and adjustable drills, eliminates the “sabre effect”, providing the best precision and parallelism.

cizallas Mebusa
cizallas Mebusa
Back gauge

The top gauge is separated from the mobile upper board, as it is fixed to the rigid frame and has the following advantages:
- Sets free the back part, which allows to incorporate draining systems.
- Guarantees the precision as it supports a static bracket.
- It is hidden on the cutting area, as it exceeds the maximum movement.
Clean cuts at right angles and without arrow

Our shear's technology and conception permits to obtain high quality cutting.

  -At the right angle
  -Without arrow
  -Perfectly clean
cizallas Mebusa

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